Public Alert on ABL’s Home Delivery Service

It has come to the attention of Accra Brewery PLC (ABL) that certain individuals are fraudulently portraying themselves to the public as employees/distributors of our company.

These persons are deceiving the public, particularly customers of ABL to send Mobile Money payments to an unauthorized MTN number in order to purchase our products.

Unsuspectingly, these individuals portray themselves as employees/distributors of ABL and trick people into purchasing ABL products through our Home Delivery Service. The targeted customer is then asked to pay through Mobile Money.

Note that ABL DOES NOT require pre-payment as confirmation of an order made via our Home Delivery service number.  All orders supplied to our customers are paid only on a cash on delivery basis.

Members of the public are hereby cautioned that the only valid number to access our ABL Home Delivery Services is to call or text to 050 168 5896.

The authorized process to confirm any ABL order is by providing the following:

  1. Your FULL NAME;
  2. Telephone Number;
  3. Location for the delivery service; and
  4. Cash payment when order is delivered


We inform the public to note that Accra Brewery PLC (ABL) bears NO LIABILITY for any transaction done irrespective of this notice.



Adwoa Aaba Arthur
Legal & Corporate Affairs Director

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