ABL Hosts Members of the Institute of Financial & Economic Journalists (IFEJ) For A Brewery Tour


28th June, 2018

Accra Brewery Limited (ABL), a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABInBev), the world’s largest brewer, hosted members of the Institute of Financial & Economic Journalists (IFEJ) for an annual tour of its brewery, as part of its commitment to be recognised as a company that engages and supports partners across the country.

During the tour, Mr. Rayborn Bulley, the President of IFEJ, mentioned that their organization had a long-standing relationship with ABL and as such, the “visit is to further entrench and nurture this mutual relationship”.

Also, “ABL has supported us by sponsoring the best report in agribusiness category during our annual Flamingo Awards. This award recognises the nation’s excelling business and financial journalists”.

This was an opportunity for the journalists to interact with our Country Director, Mr. Phillip Redman who shared updates and new developments in the business. This tour is reinforces our Dream of bringing people together for a better world.

In addition, the tour comprised of a “Grain to Glass” tutorial on how we brew our beer and a tour of our packaging lines.

Brewing from “Grain to Glass”

Mr. Wisdom Kofigah, our Quality Assurance Manager, shard with the journalists information on the main ingredients used in brewing our beer, such as water, hops, barley, and maize and/or cassava depending on the brand of beer.

Mr. Kofigah explained that the ingredients are then processed under ideal conditions, fermented with yeast, filtered, and stored in bright beer tanks (BBTs) for packaging.

Packaging our Beer

Quality Specialist, Mr. Bernard Adzomadi, continued with the tour at our packaging lines.

He described the packaging of our beer as an automated process that begins with the unpacking of empty bottles onto a conveyor belt to be thoroughly washed.

The washed bottles are inspected for flaws by an Empty Bottle Inspector (EBI). Flawed bottles are rejected, while approved ones receive beer stored in our BBTs.

Filled bottles are capped with crowns and taken through several quality checks along the conveyor belt before they are cleared and packed into crates for distribution nationwide.

IFEJ Interacts with Mr. Philip Redman

Mr. Philip Redman responded to questions from the journalists on different topics such as our production volumes, employment and our corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Regarding the discussion on our production volumes, Mr. Redman mentioned that “we will soon be inaugurating a new packaging line, valued at approximately USD 35 million, which will double our production capacity”.

In addition, he stated that “we are installing new bright beer tanks and malt and maize silos that will increase our brewing capacity”.

Mr. Redman also shared our commitment to building a Better World through our Growing, Cleaner, and Healthier World initiatives, highlighting our Eagle Farmer Project and recycling efforts to reduce our waste to landfill.

Mr. Edwin Lloyd Evans, immediate past president of IFEJ, commended us on our attention to the safety of employees and visitors, and expressed his gratitude on behalf of IFEJ, for this opportunity.

Our Better World Agenda

ABL is committed to building a better world. As such, we invest in a Growing World where everyone has the opportunity to improve their livelihood; a Cleaner World where our natural resources are shared and preserved for the future; and a Healthier World where every experience with beer is positive.