Drink CLUB Shandy with moderation.

CLUB Shandy

Affectionately referred to as Bͻsoԑ (enjoyment), CLUB Shandy has been refreshing consumers since its introduction in the early 1990s. This light, easy drinking beer with natural lemon extract delivers longer lasting refreshment whilst redefining daytime adult refreshment for making memories and relishing life’s little pleasures.

Beverage Style
Easy Drinking Lager

Suggested Glassware
Long neck

Drinking Occasions
Daytime refreshment occasions at the beach; poolside and fairs

Tasting Notes
Refreshing beer taste with lemony flavour and slight bitterness

Ingredient Highlights
Barley Malt, Maize, Hops, Water, Lemon Extract, Citric Acid

Available in:
330ml, 500ml bottle

Alcohol by Volume (ABV) Content

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Life Tastes Good, Celebrate Each Moment

Life can get dull and dreary and we long to get away to that place – that happy place whether it is the beach, pool or just a getaway from it all.

Whilst it remains a distant reality for us, we are busy being busy.

A sip of zesty CLUB Shandy bosoe can provide the pure bliss and help us get away for a few moments.

CLUB Shandy bosoe instigates consumers to come alive in trial activations and digital engagements.