Drink Stella Artois with moderation

Stella Artois

Stella Artois is part of a rich Belgian brewing heritage dating back as early as 1366. Its legacy of quality and sophistication is reflected in the iconic chalice specially designed to enhance all of the senses – with a unique shape that heightens the aroma and a stem that keeps the beer colder longer. Stella Artois is still brewed using the finest natural ingredients in the tradition of hand-crafted luxury. Today, Stella Artois is the No. 1 Belgian beer in the world and served in 95 countries.

Country of Origin

Beverage Style
European Lager

Suggested Glassware

Drinking Occasions
Daytime refreshment occasions at the beach; poolside and fairs

Food Paring:
Cured meats, hard cheeses and seafood

Tasting Notes
A pleasantly bitter hoppiness and refreshing crisp finish with a distinct pale golden colour.

Ingredient Highlights
Pils Malt, Noble Saaz Hop, Maize

Available in:
330ml non-returnable bottle, Draught

Alcohol by Volume (ABV) content