ABL PLC Collaborates with Field Ready on “Generation Ready”

Accra Brewery PLC has collaborated with Field Ready, a youth development organization to empower the youth to identify the right skills set required by industry. In an event dubbed “Generation Ready” selected CEOs from the business community, entrepreneurs, and young graduates met to dialogue and share ideas on issues bothering on employment opportunities for young graduates. 

Speaking at the event, Galo Rivera, Country Director of Accra Brewery PLC, said: “At Accra Brewery, we hire and develop the youth to reach their best potential, we do not only look for the best talent, but we develop talent.” He advised the youth to invest in themselves and be perseverant.

The Managing Director of Field Ready, Jack Pegram, said this year’s conference will also bring forth discussions with some Field Ready alumni on the impact of the program, identify issues they face and explore ideas and career journey of the CEOs. He said: “We hope to inspire our young candidates and learn new perspectives and themes in the industry to impact our candidate’s training.

Field Ready has run the Generation Ready program in Ghana since 2015. The organization has partnered local institutions, NGO’s, government, and the private sector to deliver programs which prove beyond doubt that young people can, not only be highly employable, but can excel when given the right support and content.