Accra Brewery Limited Reinforces Commitment to Creating a Healthier World on World Aids Day


1st December 2017

Accra Brewery Limited (ABL), in marking World AIDS Day, has sensitized Agbogbloshie’s residents on the importance of staying healthy and HIV/AIDS free, and offered them free HIV & AIDS screening, as it reinforces its commitment to creating a healthier world.

This year’s highly patronized event saw ABL partner the Accra Regional (Ridge) Hospital and the Malaria Foundation, a private entity that deals in mosquito nets, and brought to ten the total number of HIV/AIDS screening exercises the company has embarked upon.

ABL’s Legal & Corporate Affairs Director, Ms. Adjoba Kyiamah, reiterated the company’s firm commitment to uniting with like-minded individuals and organisations the world over in the fight against the HIV/AIDS menace, which continues to ravage families and communities with irreparable ramifications on nations.

As a people and community-oriented brand committed to the Dream of bringing people together for a better world, we are not oblivious to the devastating havoc HIV/AIDS wreaks on humanity.  Indeed, our corporate brand positioning as being uniquely Ghanaian imposes this moral obligation on us to want to help draw attention to certain phenomena that put the nation in harm’s way,’ she said, adding, ‘HIV/AIDS is one such phenomenon that we have pledged to continue to raise awareness of, to dispel associated stigma and help in whichever way we can to attempt to stall its progress’.

She observed that whilst available statistics from the Ghana AIDS Commission indicates a marginal decline in the rate of infection, ABL still believes a drastic decrease in the number of reported HIV infection and transmission cases is necessary, if news of high HIV/AIDS prevalence rates in some parts of the country are to abate.

Our ability to sustain the Agbogbloshie programme, over the years, finds expression in our commitment to creating a healthier world, improving the lives of people in more communities and our uncompromising belief in humanity’, she further asserted.

In their excitement, participants took turn to express their appreciation to Accra Brewery Limited for supporting Agbogbloshie over the years.

As one enthusiastic participant noted, ‘I look forward to December 1 not just because of the education, the free health screening, and the free mosquito nets Accra Brewery Limited provides.  But most importantly, I am excited about how the occasion puts the spotlight on the people of Agbogbloshie’.

Marked annually and globally, the World AIDS Day presents a unique occasion for stakeholders to unite in their fight against the sinister HIV/AIDS virus, which has reportedly claimed approximately 35 million lives globally.

ABL has, over the years, marked World AIDS Day with a series of health outreach programmes.  In recent years, such efforts have expanded in scale and scope, encompassing screening of patrons for many equally dreadful diseases like Malaria, Hepatitis B, and Cholera, among others.