Accra Brewery Limited (ABL) Celebrates Another Woman Behind Our CLUB “Charlie” Chop Bars


26th March, 2018

A week ago, we showcased Madam Doris Awuah of Biggies Spot, and today, we celebrate Madam Sarah Adomako, the owner of London Pub in Kumasi, Tafo Nyiaeso another proud certified “Charlie” Chop Bar Operator.

Since our story began in 1931, Accra Brewery Limited (ABL) has produced CLUB Premium Lager, Ghana’s quintessential beer as part of the country’s heritage. We continue to provide our customers with several alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages nationwide. Today, we are a proud part of the ABInBev family, the world’s largest brewer.

We are deeply committed to creating a Better World through brands and experiences that bring people together. To achieve this, we invest in a Growing World where everyone has the opportunity to improve their livelihood. As part of our Dream, we are proud to celebrate some of our women whose lives have been impacted through CLUB Beer’s “Charlie” Chop Bar initiative.

In 2017, approximately 54 local outlets were selected and certified as “Charlie” chop bars. These chop bars, which were refurbished and painted, also received CLUB-branded items including: refrigerators, hand washing bowls, menu boards, aprons, napkins, asankas, furniture and improved signages for the premises. An additional 200 chop bars also received branded items without full painting of their chop bars across the country.

Madam Sarah Adomako - London Pub, Tafo Nhyiaeso

Madam Sarah Adomako, popularly known as “Sister Sarah”, grew up in Tafo Nhyiaeso in Kumasi. After her education, she bought the piece of land and built what is now the London Pub Drinking Spot.

After a few years of operating this Drinking Spot and experiencing low sales and patronage, Sister Sarah decided to add a chop bar. During an interview, Sister Sarah mentioned that “when I added the chop bar to the drinking spot, a lot of people started coming here because there was good music, delicious food, and drinks.”

Year later, she decided to add a Guest House to her drinking spot and chop bar. “Now, clients are not in a hurry to go home when they patronize London Pub because they now that even if they stay late into the night, they will find a place to sleep”.

With over 10 years of experience running her establishment, Sister Sarah has a story to share about a unique partnership that transformed her business and her life.

Becoming a certified “Charlie” chop bar- Partnering with CLUB Beer

About 4 years ago, in 2014, Sister Sarah partnered with Accra Brewery Limited to re-brand London Pub. ABL provided her with branded chairs, tables, and glassware to serve her customers. Last year, London Pub was selected to be part of the Chop Bar project and Sister Sarah stated that “this partnership has changed my life and I am proud to be a certified “Charlie” Chop Bar operator.”

Success Story

“My partnership with ABL has really improved the cash flow in London Pub, and business has picked up significantly. Initially, I only had 4 customers a day, but now I serve about 200 customers during the week and more than double on Sundays”. Also, “I had only one worker when I started this business, but now, by God’s grace, I have about 15 workers.

In addition, “back then, I could only sell about half a crate of CLUB Beer in a day, and currently I can sell as many as fifteen 15 crates in a day.”

Today, “I am a proud “Charlie” Chop Bar operator and I am extremely grateful to God and ABL for this opportunity to represent CLUB Beer so strongly. I thank God for my life, my workers and my family for supporting me throughout this journey. Now my life is better and I have my own car”. In the next five years, I hope to expand my business with different branches of London Pub.

Sister Sarah concluded saying that she would like to encourage anyone starting a business to always be determined on achieving set goals.

Accra Brewery Limited continues to focus on enriching the lives of chop bar business owners across the length and breadth of Ghana.