ABL’s Director of Legal & Corporate Affairs Speaks at Lancaster University’s Business Forum


18th February, 2019

Accra Brewery Limited’s (ABL) Director of Legal & Corporate Affairs, Ms. Adwoa Aaba Arthur, was a special guest speaker at Lancaster University Ghana’s Business Week forum themed “Leadership and Innovation”. This engagement is part of ABL’s investment in a Growing World where everyone has the opportunity to improve their livelihood.

The Forum, hosted by the University’s Business Society in collaboration with the Careers Services Department, engages professionals in the corporate world to share their experiences with the students. These professionals could become potential role models/mentors for the students.

The students who participated in this forum are pursuing various Degrees in Accounting, Finance, Marketing and International Relations.

During the engagement, Ms. Arthur impressed upon the students that it is important to have a positive attitude in life as they choose their respective career paths. This will further prepare them for the future in the corporate world, where they will become potential leaders and innovators.

She emphasised that respect, integrity, team building, the ability to listen to others, problem solving, building a strong reputation, and creating relationships forms the foundation for any leader to progress in their career.

Also, Ms. Arthur advised the students to incorporate lasting initiatives into their work and strive to make a difference in their various fields.

She also provided insight into how students might overcome challenges. She said that “there is a solution to every challenge but don’t let it saddle you. Persevere and you will eventually overcome them”.

Finally, she urged students to focus on their chosen career paths, and let their hard work speak for itself.

Also speaking at the forum was Mr. Geoffrey Dorsu, a representative from Ghana Home Loans, and Ms. Candace Nkoth Bisseck, a Digital Entrepreneur.