Accra Brewery Limited Trains Staff and Touch Point Vendors on its Anti-corruption Policy


17th September, 2018

Accra Brewery Limited (ABL), a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABInBev), the world’s largest brewer, has trained some of its employees and its touch point vendors (TPV) on ABL’s anti-corruption policy. This was done as part of our global awareness on setting standards to maintain business ethics and compliance. The Ethics & Compliance week was held from 10th – 14th September under the theme, ‘It’s Personal’.

Touch point vendors are suppliers, business partners, and consultants who engage government or public officials on behalf of Accra Brewery Limited.

ABL’s Legal & Compliance Counsel, Ms. Phyllis Amoo-Quaye, who facilitated the trainings, remarked that “the week long training session was held to sensitize our TPVs and employees to uphold integrity, work hard and focus on quality results as well as being responsible in completing all our duties”.

Also, the training session was held in order to further engage our TPVs on any challenges they are experiencing and sharing suggestions on how to adhere to our anti-corruption policies.

Mr. Caesar Mafando, Operations Manager with Unique Marketing Support (UMS), a touch point vendor, mentioned that his participation during the training was to better understand ABL’s processes and fully comprehend the obligations of a TPV.

Mr. Mafando stated that “my expectations were fully met and the training taught us how to address ethics and compliance issues we face in our line of work when representing our client, ABL”.

#It’s Personal

The theme for the Ethics & Compliance Week was ‘It’s Personal’, and this highlighted ABInBev’s position where behaving ethically and being compliant should be everybody’s concern.

Some of the topics discussed were on ABInBev’s Gift policy; Outside Employment and Affiliations; and Business Opportunities & Innovations policies.

The training sessions during the Ethics & Compliance Week have reinforced everyone’s knowledge on ABInBev’s anti-corruption policy.

At the beginning of this year, ABL held a compliance training session and this is the last engagement for the year. Subsequent sessions will be held next year to refresh the recollection of our employees and TPVs on our compliance policies which will further improve our business operations.