Accraexpat Tours Accra Brewery Limited


17th February 2018

Behind every great beer is a great story. For CLUB Premium Lager, its story began in 1931, and over the course of 85 years, it has spun intriguing narratives, particularly as a brand that brings friends together. Undoubtedly Ghana’s quintessential beer, CLUB, has been brewed with the same dedication and quality since its inception, and it is currently Ghana’s number-one selling beer.

This is a story we proudly share with our stakeholders on a regular basis. On February 17, 201, ABL shared this story for the first time with members of Accraexpat, home to Ghana’s expatriate community with almost 8000 registered members. For the visitors, the tour provided a rare opportunity to learn about CLUB’s exceptional brewing heritage, which included a demonstration of how CLUB Premium Lager is brewed and packaged.

How CLUB is Brewed

At the beginning of the tour, Joyceline Twum-Barimah, ABL’s Brewing Manager, introduced the visitors to the brewing process. This comprised of how the key ingredients of malted barley, locally-sourced maize, and hops are milled, mashed, boiled, fermented and filtered to produce beer.

During the course of the presentation, Joyceline passed around samples of CLUB’s key ingredients (milled barley, locally-sourced maize and hops), and carried out a micro brewing demonstration to enable visitors observe the intial brewing process.

To complete the brewing demonstration, the visitors participated in a tasting session, where they sampled CLUB beer at various stages of the brewing process.

Packaging CLUB Beer

Heading off to our packaging lines after the brewing demonstration, the visitors met with Bernard Adzomadi, Quality Specialist at ABL, who explained the packaging process from unpacking to the packing stage.

As the visitors peered over the guardrails of the walkway, Bernard pointed out a conveyor belt carrying empty bottles to a washer where the bottles are washed and sterilised. The next step is to convey the bottles to the Empty Bottle Inspector (EBI) which rigourously inspects all bottles and rejects flawed ones.

The cleaned and approved bottles are filled with the beer, pressurised to prevent the beer from flattening, crowned to close the bottle, and then taken through further quality checks. The final step of the process is to pack the beer into crates for further distribution nationwide.

Toasting to ABL and CLUB

After the tour, Carine Noukpo and Karen Goka, both members of Accraexpat, toasted to ABL and CLUB. They expressed their delight over participating in the tour and stated “we have gained a wealth of knowledge from this brewery tour, and it has changed our perspective about CLUB Premium Lager”.