Club Beer Receives Gold Quality Award from Monde Selection: A Testament to Excellence

Club Beer, a brand under Accra Brewery PLC (ABL), has recently clinched the prestigious Gold Quality Award from Monde Selection, the globally acclaimed quality institute. The 63rd Edition of Monde Selection’s Quality Awards, concluded in 2024, spotlighted Club Beer as a prime example of top-notch quality in the brewing industry. This recognition underscores the meticulous craftsmanship and dedication of ABL in delivering exceptional beverages to consumers.

According to the jury at Monde Selection, Club Beer stood out for its exceptional quality, reflecting the commitment of ABL to maintaining stringent standards throughout its production process. This acknowledgment not only celebrates the excellence of Club Beer but also solidifies its position as a trusted choice among consumers worldwide. The award from Monde Selection serves as a testament to Club Beer’s unwavering dedication to quality and its ability to consistently deliver a superior drinking experience.

The Monde Selection’s Quality Awards hold immense significance within the brewing community and beyond, serving as a hallmark of distinction that resonates with consumers globally. By attaining the Gold Quality Award, Club Beer not only secures its status as a premium beverage but also reinforces consumer trust in its quality and authenticity. This accolade underscores ABL’s relentless pursuit of excellence and its commitment to producing beverages of unparalleled quality for its discerning clientele.