Level 300 Marketing Students of the University of Education-Winneba Tour ABL


14th March, 2019

Level 300 Marketing students from the University of Education, Winneba, toured Accra Brewery Limited (ABL), to gain knowledge on our production process and how it can be applied to the 4Ps of Marketing; which are Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

Ms. Adwoa Aaba Arthur, the company’s Legal & Corporate Affairs Director, engaged the students during an introductory session at CLUB 31, ABL’s model bar. She mentioned that ABL organizes brewery tours as part of the company’s commitment to investing in a Growing World where everyone has the opportunity to improve their livelihood.

Ms. Arthur urged the students to be attentive during the tour in order to gain knowledge on relevant information from the safety induction, brewing presentation, and the tour of our packaging lines.

Brewing our Beverages

The students enjoyed the brewing presentation, where they learnt about how we brew our beverages, especially, beer.

ABL’s Quality Assurance Manager, Mr. Wisdom Kofigah, took the students through the history of beer and the beer production process. He shared that beer aided in the spread of civilisation through Europe, where it was first brewed on a large scale.

Mr. Kofigah also remarked that the process of beer production, including the ingredients used, have evolved over centuries. He said that Louis Pasteur’s cultivation of yeast to enhance the fermentation process of beer paved the way for the various beers available around the world. Also, modern brewers have introduced more ingredients such as fruits and honey to enhance the taste of beer.

Packaging our Beverages

During the final stage of the tour, ABL’s Training Controller, Ms. Georgina Kyei Baffour, explained that ABL’s alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages go through different packaging processes.

She said that the packaging process for Returnable Glass Bottles, such as CLUB Beer bottles, includes a series of procedures such as washing, inspections for defects by an Empty Bottle Inspector (EBI), filling EBI-approved bottles with beer, crowning, and labelling.

With non-alcoholic beverage packaging, it involves a procedure called PET processing. This involves heating a preform, which is a mini bottle made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET). PET is a common material often used in the manufacturing industry, especially to package liquids. The heated preform is then stretched and moulded into a desired shape and left to cool. The cooled bottles are then filled with the beverage, capped, and distributed nationwide.

Relevance of the Tour

Mr. George Kankam Jnr., a Marketing lecture at the University of Winneba’s School of Business who was with the students, mentioned that the tour exceeded their expectations as they learnt about the key role safety plays in any production process.

As a lecturer in Production Management, he was happy to learn about packaging and the quality checks products go through, as well as how machines are operated in order to enhance efficiency in the production process.

A Better World

In addition to our investment in a Growing World, we also invest in a Cleaner World where our natural resources are shared and preserved for the future; and in a Healthier World where every experience with beer is positive.

Accra Brewery Limited has been a major player in the Ghanaian alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage market since 1931. We proudly count CLUB Premium Lager, Eagle Lager, Eagle Extra Stout, CLUB Shandy Bͻsoԑ, Stella Artois; and our non-alcoholic malt beverage, Beta Malt, as brands available to our cherished customers.