Rotary Club of Accra-Dansoman Tours ABL


30th April, 2018

Accra Brewery Limited (ABL), a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABInBev), the world’s largest brewer, welcomed members of the Accra-Dansoman chapter of the Rotary Club of Ghana to its premises for a brewery tour. This event was part of the Chapter’s celebrations to mark its 5th year anniversary.

Charter President and First President of the Club, Mr. Francis Dowetin, stated that the Rotary Club chose ABL because of the two organisations’ long-standing relationship. He mentioned that the two organizations have similar traits regarding its corporate social responsibility initiatives. These projects show our commitment to improving lives of more people in several communities as well as making a real difference in society.

Welcoming the Rotarians, Ms. Adwoa Aaba Arthur, ABL’s Director of Legal & Corporate Affairs, stated that “as a proud member of ABInBev, it is part of our Africa Dream to be recognised as a company that engages, motivates, and supports colleagues and partners across the country. It is, therefore, our pleasure to continue to nurture this bond with the Rotary Club which is one of our cherished stakeholders”.

The Process of Brewing Beer

The first phase of the tour began with a presentation on how we brew CLUB Beer, our flagship brand and Ghana’s quintessential beer since 1931.

Our Quality Manager, Mr. Wisdom Kofigah, mentioned that “the brewing process begins by using five key ingredients namely barley, hops, yeast, water, and adjunct grains such as maize grits”.

The barley, hops, and grains are milled and mashed with water.

Mr. Kofigah stated that “water is the unsung hero of beer ingredients as it makes up 90% of beer and affects its taste.” “That is why it is always filtered, tested and tasted before the brewing process commences”, he concluded.

The mashed ingredients, known as wort, are then boiled, cooled and fermented with yeast. It is at this stage that the wort is transformed into alcohol and acquires the taste of beer. After fermentation, the beer is filtered and sent to our packaging lines for packaging.

Packaging Our Beer

For the second phase of the tour, Mr. Bernard Adzomadi, our Quality Specialist, led the Rotarians to our packaging lines where he showed them how we package our beer.

Mr. Adzomadi said “at ABL, we emphasise quality in our production process. Therefore, there are a number of quality checks at the packaging line which begin with the thorough washing of bottles”.

Next, the bottles are checked for flaws and the ones with imperfections are rejected by an Empty Bottle Inspector. The approved bottles are filled with beer from our filtration lines and then crowned with caps. The crowned bottles are taken through a number of quality checks such as the fill height inspector, which checks for under and over fills, before packed into crates for nationwide distribution.

Mr. Dowetin shared his experience after the tour, saying that “today’s theoretical presentation was very informative and it gave us insight as to how ABL beverages are produced”. In addition, he was impressed by our implementation of quality control measures and strict adherence to our safety rules.

Our brewery tours help us share our passion for brewing as we strive to achieve our Dream of bringing people together for a better world. We also invest in a Growing World where everyone has the opportunity to improve their livelihood; a Cleaner World where our natural resources are shared and preserved for the future; and in a Healthier World where every experience with beer is positive.

Accra Brewery Limited has been a major player in the Ghanaian alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage market since 1931. We proudly count CLUB Premium Lager, Eagle Lager, Eagle Extra Stout, CLUB Shandy Bͻsoԑ, Stella Artois; and our non-alcoholic malt beverage, Beta Malt, as brands available to our cherished customers.