Special Guests of ABL’s Outgoing Country Director Tour the Brewery


12th January, 2019

Special guests of Mr. Philip Redman, Accra Brewery Limited’s (ABL) outgoing Country Director visited the brewery as part of our Brewery Tour initiative.

Our brewery tours were revamped in 2018, to give our external stakeholders the opportunity to learn about the beer-brewing process, and also to live our Dream of bringing people together for a better world.

The extensive tour included a presentation on how we brew our beer; a tour of our brew house, our Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottling line, and our high-speed packaging lines.

Brewing Beer

At the beginning of the tour, our guests were given a mandatory orientation on our safety rules and regulation. They then proceeded to a ‘Grain to Glass’ tutorial where they were introduced to our beer-brewing process.

Mr. Wisdom Kofigah, Quality Manager and facilitator of the tutorial, explained that the beer-making process begins with purchasing ingredients such as barley malt and maize. These ingredients are then ground into powder and mashed with water. This mixture is then boiled to extract the wort (a liquid extracted from the mashing process of maize and malt) during the brewing process.

“Eventually, hops which is an ingredient that gives beer its unique bitter taste, is added to the wort In addition, yeast, a microbial organism, is then added to aid fermentation of the beer”, Mr. Kofigah mentioned.

Mr. Redman then led the guests to our brew house, where they observed the brewing process in real time.

Our PET and Packaging Lines

During the tour of our high-speed packaging lines, the guests observed an automated process where our beer is bottled and packaged for nationwide distribution. Mr. Ismaila Abdulai, Unit Manager, explained that the bottling process begins when empty crates are unpacked and placed on conveyor belts to be washed.

The washed bottles are inspected for flaws by the Empty Bottle Inspector (EBI) and approved bottles are taken to the Filler Loop to be filled with beer and crowned with caps.

The guests also toured our PET line, where we package our non-alcoholic malt beverage, Beta Malt. They concluded the tour at CLUB 31, our model bar, where they enjoyed a variety of our beverages.